How the Ultra Lite Program Works

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Sam lost 48kgs (in less than a year) and is still trim, fit, and healthy 12 years later

For Sam Ince, the change to her weight was immediate. After some initial lethargy her body quickly adapted to the new program, and she found her energy levels rising as the weight came off.

Importantly, the regime also trained her brain to beat the cravings for the high-carb fast food that she used to use for comfort. Very quickly Sam went from an emotional eater who felt her life was “falling apart”, to an energetic, confident and much healthier woman.

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“For me, getting on this program was exciting because it was educating me on portion size, what was good for my body, and how it was going to change the way I looked at food,” Sam says. “And it has.”

Whether you are a business, or a potential Ultra Lite client, find out how the Ultra Lite ketogenic weight loss program can work for you.