Sam Ince

Sam Ince

Sam lost 48Kg in 5 months and has maintained her goal weight for 15 Years !

That’s her on the left, next to Sam Ince, the calisthenics teacher, cyclist and avid hiker. Yes, you read correctly. Fifteen years after starting her Ultra Lite program, the new Sam is more than fifty kilograms lighter than the old Sam and she lost that first 48kg in under a year. We’ve all heard stories of people losing phenomenal amounts of weight in short periods before. But as we soon find out, most of these weight loss stories hide the postscript: where our hero finds their new diet or exercise regime impossible to maintain, and they soon return to their original weight or higher.

This is what sets Sam’s story apart from so many others. Using the Ultra Lite program, Sam has kept that weight off by using a ketogenic diet that changed the way she approached food for good.“For me, getting on this program was exciting because it was educating me on portion size, what was good for my body, and how it was going to change the way I looked at food,” Sam says “and it has.”

So what is a ketogenic diet? Ketogenic diets are low-carbohydrate, high-fat diets that, unlike other low-carb regimens such as Atkins, rely on a moderate intake of protein. For a long time ketogenic diets were used mainly for treating epilepsy in children, but more recently it’s been used as a way to lose weight and improve overall health outcomes. Diets with the term “high-fat” in them might sound antithetical to weight loss, but there’s sound science behind it. When the body has few carbohydrates to break down into glucose, it turns fat into fatty acids and ‘ketone bodies’  which can replace glucose as an energy source. Though not all fat is ideal for achieving this ‘ketonic’ state; medium chain triglycerides (made from fatty acids with short carbon chains) are the best fats for this diet. You’ll find plenty of these ‘MCTs’ in foods like coconut oils.

For Sam the change to her weight was immediate, and after some initial lethargy, her body quickly adapted to the new program and she found her energy levels rising as the weight came off.  Importantly the regime also trained her brain to beat the cravings for the high-carb fast food that she used to use for comfort. Very quickly Sam went from an emotional eater who felt her life was “falling apart”, to an energetic, more confident and much healthier woman.

So should we ditch the old food pyramid, embrace all fat and crack out the fried chicken? Not exactly consuming the wrong fats won’t help you lose weight, and if you produce too many ketones (ketoacidosis) you’ll put your health at risk. What you should do is find a qualified consultant to guide you through the process  like Sam did because that can make the difference between trying out a diet and embracing a lifestyle genuine change.

“Now that I can control what I eat, there’s no problem,” Sam says.  “You don’t feel restricted in any way.”

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