Noreen Mango

Noreen Mango

Noreen Lost 7.5kgs And 29cm In 5 Weeks

I never had any weight issues while growing up as I was always skinny despite my love of food. I had my first baby at 27 I did not have difficulty losing weight after giving birth. I never thought it will become an issue that I have to deal with later in life.

I started to have health issues as I entered my 30’s. I had gestational diabetes with my second pregnancy. I was also diagnosed with hemicrania continua and due to my medical condition and the side effects of the medications I was taking; I was eating my meals on a irregular basis. Before I knew it, I was slowly gaining weight and gained more weight when I had my other two pregnancies. It was getting harder to find clothes that fit me with my weight reaching 82kgs. Through the years, I had developed weight related medical conditions such as elevated liver function, fatty liver, high cholesterol level, high blood sugar level, gallstones, lower back pain due to osteoarthritis and sleep apnoea which is being treated by using CPAP machine for 7 years now.

For many years, I tried to lose weight on my own with regular exercise and by restrictive diets. I also joined a couple of weight loss programs that involved meal replacements. Unfortunately, there was minimal weight loss since I had trouble sustaining the diet for longer than two weeks. I would then revert back to my old eating habits and the lowest weight I have achieved so far is 75kgs. After a painful gallstone attack and eventually undergoing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, I decided to start again. I wanted to improve my health and wish to be back to my ideal weight when I turn 50 next year.

I came to know about Ultra Lite through my Health Fund – Australian Unity. Among their approval weight loss programs, it was the most interesting one since it claims to be a safe, rapid and sustained weight loss program. After my initial consultation with Jenni Harrington, I immediately signed up to commence a 5 week weight loss program. It was an easy to follow eating plan. There was a variety of nice food to choose from and the sachet drinks were good in-between meal fillers. I was able to sustain the diet because I did not experience hunger pain, headache, no feeling of food deprivation  and the temptation to eat other food outside of the plan is minimal. I was always full of energy. The use of the Ketostix motivated me on a daily basis, Jenni encouraged me on a weekly basis and the invisible guard “”Be Free”” kept me away from temptation.

On the third week of the program, I mentioned to Jenni that my lower back pain has eased. Because of my known health issues and the fact that I had just had a blood test done two weeks prior to starting the program, Jenni suggested that I request for another one at the end of the program for comparison. My start weight was 78.2kgs and at the end of my 5 week program, I was down to 70.5kgs. Losing 7.5kgs and 29cm in total. I feel great that I was able to lose so much in such a short period without much struggle. The best part of it is the fact that this weight loss program improved my health tremendously as shown by my blood test results. My liver function which was always elevated for more than 10 years as well as my blood sugar and cholesterol levels are now on normal level. Another bonus is that my husband confirmed my sleeping problem has diminished and I am hoping that my CPAP machine will soon become a thing of the past. I still need to have a sleep study to confirm this.

Ultra Lite taught me to make healthy food choices with the right portion. I am confident that I can continue to practice and follow the principle of healthy eating even on my own for a long term weight loss. I look forward to loose more kilos until I reach 60kgs which is my ideal weight and be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle for life.

I have never stopped talking about the program since I lost more than 2kgs on my first week. I have been recommending the program because I know it works. I have completed the program with minimal challenge and achieved an outstanding outcome, If I did it, I am sure anyone can do it too.

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