Maria Downes

Maria Downes

Maria Lost 44 KG In 22 Weeks

Prior to joining ULTRA LITE I was a couch potato and enjoyed being lazy and eating too much.

Then when I was part of the way into the program I began to do some exercise (walking) because I was being encouraged to do something to tone my body which was by now looking a lot slimmer.  I found the ULTRA LITE PROGRAM    was very easy to do and I was very successful being able to lose 44 KG in 22 weeks and I was not hungry with the interesting and tasty menu selections given to me.  Since doing the Program I have for the first time in my life become a sports girl wearing sporty things and doing active things.  I never knew that exercise was so much fun.  Amazingly, I have kept the weight off for over 6 months now!!

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