Lorena Munz

Lorena Munz

Lorena Lost 23kg in 9 Months

In October of 2011, beautician and mum of three Lorena Muzzin started a diet for the last time. After trying “everything that you could think of”, Lorena had even considered drastic lapband surgery, but she knew that wasn’t going to be the solution. “Being from an Italian background, food is a very big part of our culture and our traditions, and I wanted to be a good role model to my kids,” explains Lorena. “You can have food, but eat the right food and it’s going to make you feel good and make your body function better.” Determined to make a positive change to her life and show her kids that food didn’t have to be the enemy of health, Lorena tried UltraLite, and by June of 2012 – just nine months after starting – she had lost an incredible 23kg and almost a metre in measurements to achieve her goal weight.

With UltraLite, Lorena’s days of “quick and easy” carbs, with plenty of bread, coffee, chocolate and a habit of “not even thinking” about what she was eating were over. While it was challenging to begin with, Lorena saw the results straight away, and found the UltraLite lifestyle surprisingly easy to adjust to. And unlike other diet plans, Lorena says that being able to prepare her own meals helped to make healthy eating “second nature”. Another year later, and Lorena’s second nature has helped her keep the weight off and then some – she’s lost an amazing 29kg to date.

That transformation has fuelled a renewal of confidence that’s great for her professional and personal life. “I’ll be the first person on the dance floor, where I would never have done that in the past,” says Lorena. “I would sit at a function and not even attempt to get up, but now I walk in a room and people know I’m there. You can’t keep me still!”

Lorena’s made a diet change for the last time – and this time it’s for keeps. “It’s not just a diet,” she says. “It’s a life-changing program.”

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