Kerrie Wells

Kerrie Wells

Kerrie Lost 37kg on Ultra Lite

I found the whole weight loss experience easy. It is so nice not to crave or even desire the foods/drinks that are not good for my health. It was still easy to go out for dinner and still maintain the weight loss program. I choose what to eat and it is easy to cook for myself and the whole family without needing to cook separate meals.

Losing 37kg certainly changed my life. I can move much easier and quicker and experience less aches, pains and illness. I love clothes shopping at any shop and I don’t avoid cameras anymore! My self-confidence is back ! This has influenced so many things in my life.

I still have a little more weight to lose but I’m very happy with my results so far. My weekly consults with my consultant were motivating and encouraging and something that I could not have done without.

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