Emilyan Givkovski

Emilyan Givkovski

Emilyan Lost 40 Kilos and 106cm In 33 Weeks!

What circumstances contributed to your weight gain and how was your life affected?
Generally eating at the wrong times of the day, a weakness for sweets, and dropping off of my exercise routine. I was feeling very lethargic and generally low in motivation.

Had you tried other tyes of weight loss in the past, and what were the results?
Yes, several methods with pleasing results. Unfortunately, I always reverted back to old habits.

What was your compelling reason to finally decide to take action?
Really just heading in the wrong direction with my health and fitness and really wanted to get back on track before I turned 40.

How easy was the program to follow and fit in with your lifestyle?
Pretty easy – We generally ate ok most of the time and getting used to reducing the carb intakes (bread, pasta, rice) wasn’t too hard. Picking up on exercise was also the key!

What impact has your weight loss had on your health and wellbeing?
Major! I’m healthier, fitter, and more energetic. Allowing me to wrestle, play, chase and compete against my children.

Why do you think Ultra Lite was successful when other methods failed?
Perhaps because the program doesn’t suggest taking away all the food you like. Just controlling the intake. Also the guidance my consultant was invaluable.

Would you recommend this program to others?
Most definitely!

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