Margie Hyde – Clinical Nutritionist
BHSc (NutMed)
Restore Health and Nutrition
602 Barkly Street, Ballarat VIC
P: 0414 724 839
Margie Hyde

“I was encouraged to look into becoming an Ultra Lite practitioner for quite some time before I purchased my licence, I was not sure it was for me. But starting out in business things were very slow and then after talking to other Ultra Lite practitioners and seeing what great results they were achieving and how easily they were creating successful businesses I took the plunge. Once I made efforts to get my name out there with some Facebook and newspaper advertising things gradually took off and I literally would not have had such a good start to my professional life as a Nutritionist without the Ultra Lite kick start. Now I am able to see a good volume of Ultra Lite clients as well as being able to build my base of general health and wellness clients to broaden my reach as a holistic healer and do the work I love in helping people achieve optimal health. It is still early days for me but I can see the huge potential for financial security while helping so many people learn how to lose weight and stay healthy long term, its very heart warming to see people happy and living their best life”.

Lyn Riedel ND
Ultra Lite Nutrition Centre

14 Northcote Terrace, Gilberton SA
P: 08-8342-2111

 I purchased my Ultra Lite license in 2000, it  was a very profitable business decision for me because it gave me a specialized focus for my practice, which was easy to market and filled a great need in the community.

We all know that obesity is increasing almost exponentially in Australia and government advertising stressing the need to lose weight to avoid serious health risks has helped to galvanize weight loss in the psyche of people. All this means that there is and always will be a never ending supply of potential customers.

The major benefits of the Ultra Lite program are that individuals not only lose weight easily, but they also feel a surge of well being very quickly (often within the first week on the program). Symptoms that commonly improve include fatigue, irritable bowel, reflux, bloating, insomnia, mood disorders, joint pain, menstrual problems and hypertension.

In addition, Ultra Lite, when accepted as a lifestyle change, re-educates eating patterns in the long term, both in terms of how to combine foods and portion sizes. Ultra Lite has provided me with a stream of ongoing clients – many people return to the program periodically to remove any unwanted kilos they may have regained and it is an excellent tool for gaining referrals. One client I saw this year referred 5 of her friends within a month and they have all referred people.

In spite of the boom in weight loss programs available and apparent increasing competition, I have maintained a thriving practice and regularly see 70 patients a week. Ultra Lite consultations are easy and rewarding and provide exceptional health benefits to my patients, especially those who have a resistant metabolism and find it difficult to lose weight by other methods. I am very passionate about the program and therefore find it easy to sell. In addition, my patients find it quite cost effective.

Being an Ultra Lite practitioner has been of great benefit, not only to me, but also to my patients.’


Megan Colwell

First Things First Wellness Centre

208 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park QLD
P: 07 4728 7165 or M: 0488 717 447


As a business owner we are bombarded everyday with new and exciting ways to boost our income; “work for less and earn more”, or the answer we all want a machine or pill that shrinks our clients and meets their expectations! Sadly this sort of thing doesn’t exist.

The answer is simple, teach your clients how to eat less and move more! Finding something that works, that matches your values in what you want to deliver to your client and something that has back up service to help you reach your goals isn’t easy, until now.  What I have learnt over my time as Owner of First Things First Wellness Centre is to keep it simple.

This is what we have done by becoming a successful licensee of The Ultra Lite Weight Management Program. Malcolm’s persistence paid off after months of trying to sell a licence to us at First Things First. Our First Attraction to the program was that; “Real Food”,  “Real Results” and it was very adaptable to everyone’s lifestyle. The second was that it was educational and people would learn from this program, which meant that they would be able to maintain their achieved results. There were other attractions as well in that, it was affordable to the consumer; there is health fund support and is backed by naturopaths.

It didn’t take long at all to realise this program’s potential and since we took on the program in late 2009, it has generated an income of over $700K in 5 years.

It is a very easy program to sell we spend just 30 mins with our client initially and our success and conversion rate with our clients is a
staggering 85%.

I’m a true and tried operator of the program, I have worked out any bugs, streamlined the process and know what works.

Please feel free to call me and discuss.


Angela Larose
Healthy Lifestyle Facilitator

8 Tank Street, Gladstone QLD

P: 07 4972 2820

‘Essential Body Personal Training’ commenced March 2009. At the time I had researched several nutritional programmes only to be disappointed. As most ‘nutritional’ programs involved meal replacement shakes.

As a personal trainer I was aware of my limited knowledge on the correct nutritional advice for the majority. I was very confident with my own nutritional needs but when it came to major weight loss and clients with major health issues I was apprehensive on giving out nutritional advice due to contraindications. My purpose was to aid my clients towards better health and fitness this included a proper nutritional plan.

When I discovered Ultra Lite and its amazing benefits, it supplied everything I had been looking for.  Ultra Lite has three easy plans to follow . All the hard work is taken care of, including the natural weight loss supplements as part of the program and the nutritional sachets to help support hunger and cravings. The main draw card being the ongoing support and training received by the Ultra Lite team.

Ultra Lite has been a huge draw card for clientele to my business. The majority of my clients will honestly tell me they have tried all the other extensively marketed diet programmes, only to have failed and put on all the kilos they have lost after stopping the program. These same clients have had amazing results with the Ultra Lite program and continue towards their goals long after completing the program. The results are astounding.

I package my training sessions with the Ultra Lite programs.  My Lifestyle Package is designed for clients whom would like to lose 20+ kilos. They purchase the 3 week Detox, 5 week plan and 30 PT sessions up front. They attend a weekly Ultra Lite consult as well as two PT sessions a week. This keeps the client with me for at least 15 weeks. By the end of their contract with me they have reached their goals and more.

I have found Malcolm and the Ultra Lite team great to work with, deliveries are always on time and well transported. I have not once since commencing had any issues with any of the staff as they are always willing to go to great lengths and beyond to support me and my business.

I would not hesitate recommending the Ultra Lite Program to anyone considering commencing a new business or to add to an existing business, the outcome will bring you great success.

Stop thinking about it and just do it, there will be no regrets!


Arthur Kyriakos
Owner Pharmacist

Greythorn Amcal Pharmacy

297 Doncaster Road, North Balwyn VIC

P: 03-9857-7363

We have been involved with the Ultra Lite program since 2005 and we have experienced some phenomenal results. Although very skeptical initially, we have found the program is easy to follow, ensuring high customer compliance and success in achieving their target weight loss.

This amazingly fast weight loss program ensures our clients remain highly focused and motivated. Unlike other weight loss programs they can literally see the weight falling off themselves, while experiencing no hunger pains, no mood swings etc, and actually feeling good.  Such results obviously keeps our consultants highly motivated and enthusiastic about the program, while recommending and teaching people the principles of the Ultra Lite program. It’s a very rewarding experience for all parties.

Quite simply, the Ultra Lite program works – both for the client as well as the business. I would highly recommend Ultra Lite to anybody serious about weight loss.


Dr. Bill Reeder Mb.Ch.B. Dip.Obst.
Nutritional and Anti-Ageing Medicine, Hamilton NZ

P: 78 5685 68

Never before there is an urgent need for coherent and non-fad guidance for a healthy lifestyle and food. What should be a natural, generational family teaching – seems no more. Many people just do not know what and how to eat, falling willing victims to the cafes, fast food outlets, malls and bake-houses.

With so many easy options and alternatives to not only meal preparation but lifestyle choices which in many cases exclude physical activity, it is no wonder that our nations are getting fatter, obese and feeling all the worse for it – despite weak excuses that its ok to be what ever you are and to love yourself. That’s baloney !try that excuse when your loved family member has their first heart attack at 40, or teenager has diabetes!

For the first time our parents just might outlive their children.  It is time to make a stand. There is no simple fix, never will be. Modern medicine will NOT discover a pill to make it go away.  If it did you can bet after the trumpeting is over, the side-effects will appear and the great discovery will fade quietly.  No the solution is sensible, balanced, wholesome food – prepared by established principles proven by generations if not thousands of years of human existence.

Ultra Lite is the ultimate weight management program for quick, safe, exceptional and sustainable weight loss; a method proven by tens of thousands of users and well supported by latest scientific literature.   It provides an easy ‘detoxing’ method for those who feel unwell and toxicant challenged.

With so many diet methods being pushed, the need for a ‘back to basics’ and physiologically correct nutrition guide is well overdue.  I guarantee if every individual, every parent followed these easy guides, health would be regained and physical appearance and true self-esteem would result if everyone would adopt the Ultra Lite concepts.

Over the last seven years I have worked closely with the Ultra Lite system. Previously I had researched many systems of weight loss, as it clearly is central to good health and prevention of many western medical diseases.

There have been, and still are, many health and weight loss fads,  few systems out of the many remain credible with good scientific validation.

My conclusion was that a system had to satisfy credible science as well as common sense. A system had to also be easily learned, not involve abnormal nutrition practices, be cost-effective as well as perform.

I was not interested in quick fix or gimmick methods, it had to be physiological and principled.

Ultra Lite came out the leader, and as it has turned out, it still remains the most effective method of nutritional weight loss using the body’s own physiological processes. Indeed, still new scientific validation appears in the literature every year for properly managed low carbohydrate weight loss methods.

Together with Ultra Lite’s protein sparing, this makes it so effective and very popular with clients.


Frank Tortorice, M.D., F.A.A.P.
San Francisco, California

As a medical doctor I researched several weight loss programs. I chose the Ultra Lite Weight Management System,  and have been able to help dozens of patients reach and maintain their weight goals as part of a philosophy of weight loss without drugs or surgery.

Patients have frequently been able to reduce or eliminate their dependency on prescription medications for diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other lifestyle caused diseases. We offer an integrative approach, combining the best of traditional and alternative health care practices to achieve lasting health care benefits.

Ultra Lite is an essential component for many of our patients and is attractive because it enables our patients to reach their target body weight without losing muscle mass. In addition, the patients often experience only minor cravings and their energy and mental focus remain clear allowing them to perform efficiently in their personal and business lives. Also, by checking their daily ketones, they can be sure they are right on track with their progress.

Once they reach their personal goals, they are able to maintain their weight by a careful program of maintenance. With the knowledge gained from this program, they finally realize how to eat for optimum health and possess the tools to continue to lead healthy lives for many years.

Ultra Lite has been a remarkable program for allowing our patients to take charge of their lives and for maintaining a healthy body weight and for eliminating their dependency on pharmaceutical solutions for lifestyle induced imbalances and diseases.


Bob Herdsman, winner of ‘ biggest loser’ has maintained his weight following the Ultra Lite maintenance plan.

As you are aware, I was involved in the Reality TV show “BIGGEST LOSER” Series 4 which was produced by Fremantle Media for Chanel 10 in Australia. The series also runs in the USA and UK as well as other locations around the world under various licensing arrangements with the Trademark Owner.

For our series of the “BIGGEST LOSER” the format consisted of contestants entered as ‘couples’ which could (and did) comprise almost any form of family or other relationship. I entered the competition with my son’s wife, Tiffany  who at the time was 27 years of age and the mother of a 3 year old daughter. Both Tiffany and myself suffered from obesity and had never been successful in overcoming the challenges associated with weight loss and healthy eating.

At the start of the series I was 58 years of age and weighed 167.8 Kg while Tiffany was 113.6 Kg. Both Tiffany and I had previously endured the ‘all too familiar’ cycle, of fad diets and regimes to lose weight but without success.

The TV series went to air for a period of 3 months however, taking into account production schedules etc the time taken for the weight loss competition was about closer to 5 months. During this time I lost 87.6Kg or 52.2% of my starting body weight to win the series and Tiffany lost 54.1Kg or 47.6% of her starting body weight to take second place. Both of our losses set records for the BIGGEST LOSER series not only in Australia but also the rest of the world and drew huge media attention. In addition to the incredible media attention here in Australia, Tiffany and I were also invited by the American Producers of the series to attend and be guests on the U.S.A. nation wide finale of their series which was broadcast live from Hollywood.

Tiffany has since acted as host for the UK series aired in Australia and I have just returned from the UK where our series has just concluded.

Doubtless the success that Tiffany and I have enjoyed following our winning of the series and amazing weight losses have engendered a great deal of attention especially from members of the viewing public asking for advice or encouragement relating to weight loss and healthy eating..

For these reasons, when I returned home, I commenced research to find a diet or lifestyle plan that would enable me to maintain the weight loss that I had achieved while addressing the patterns that had led to my previous obesity. I knew that such a plan would have to include ‘natural’ foods that were healthy, economical and readily obtainable. There needed to be sufficient variety to make eating ‘enjoyable and interesting’ while still being able to satisfy.

Many of the current ‘weight loss’ regimes utilize ‘replacement meals’ such as shakes of various types or ‘pre-packaged meals’ however it was apparent that the most desirable and sustainable way is to retrain ourselves with healthy eating patterns. The traps of high sugar, high fat and heavily processed foods which are so well promoted in the media would need to be addressed without resorting to extreme or unsustainable regimes.

I believe that to be successful, any system should have three basic levels.

  • it should have a detox component to clear the system; provide an initial morale boost (from the initial more rapid weight loss) and reduce the cravings associated with change of diet. (ie sugar and caffeine withdrawal)
  • it should have a sustainable moderate weight loss component consisting primarily of healthy foods which will form the basis of an on-going lifestyle
  • it should include an ongoing maintenance and monitoring aspect suitable for everyday life

One of the key ingredients is to re-educate ourselves regarding food and the place that it plays in our lives both socially and emotionally as well as the effects that it has on our general well being and vitality. There is so much media driven commercialism regard foods and their ‘supposed’ benefits such as ‘reduced fat’; ‘Lite’; ‘Diet’; or ‘reduced sugar’ that it has become difficult for the average person to decipher what is and what is not! Government promotions of healthy choices are often drowned out by carefully worded commercials that only serve to confuse while concealing ‘hidden misinformation.’

We have continued to follow the Lifestyle Maintenance Program and find it to be nutritionally sound and sustainable. It now forms the basis of how we eat today. 

I am more than happy to recommend the Ultra Lite Program to anyone who needs to lose weight whether they are suffering from obesity or just need to lose a few kilos or for those looking for a sustainable maintenance program.


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