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Weight Loss Success Stories

At Ultra Lite we have many weight loss success stories that we are proud of. As our program is based on a ketogenic diet, weight loss, or more importantly fat loss, tends to be very fast but safe in comparison to calorie reduced eating programs.

Many of our clients tell us that they were first attracted to the Ultra Lite weight loss and detox program because fat loss was achieved quickly thus maintaining a high level of motivation and they were learning skills of weight control for life.

Read on to share the experience of some of these people.

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Success Story Of The Month
What you put it in, you get back 10 fold
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What you put it in, you get back 10 fold
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Belinda Trenaman
What you put it in, you get back 10 fold
I’m a 51 (almost 52) Nana of two.... My story begins with an illness that many suffer from – Bowel Disease. I am a survivor of cervical cancer (20 yrs ago) as primary and breast cancer (18 yrs ago) as secondary, however, Bowel Disease is so nasty and unfortunately alters your life and everyone else’s around you so dramatically, it’s very unforgiving.... Seven years ago, my colon was removed. This was after years of illness. I remained ill for many years after as well, and continued to have operations for consequences of having my colon removed. I have had colostomy bags put in; I’ve had colostomy bags taken away. I’ve had to wear ‘adult pull-ups’ and the one thing I’ll remember about my wedding (apart from saying ‘I do’ to the man of my dreams) was; I was wearing a nappy... I have had that many operations relating to this awful disease, I’ve lost count. My weight had never been that much of a problem until my colon was removed. In what seemed like a very short amount of time, I gained weight, and gained and continued to gain. My diet had to change significantly to one that had very little fibre in. What I didn’t know was, fibre mitigates insulin and without the fibre I was going to gain weight. This is something I never knew and no-one ever told me... I felt out of control. In the last two years, I tried everything; I tried every diet and every exercise regime and read every book and went to every seminar on how to lose weight. I’ve even done my Cert in Advanced Disease Management in Nutrition. This told me that according to the books and gurus, I was doing everything correctly... but to no avail. I spent 12 months going to a gym 5 days a week for 1.5hrs a day and stuck to their eating plan religiously. Results; I gained weight and had 4 trips to hospital. I got holes in my stomach from anti-inflammatory medication due to an injury that occurred at the gym, the meds shouldn’t have been prescribed due to not having a colon, but my Dr didn’t know the effect it had. This caused me to bleed out, so I spent the next few weeks in hospital having transfusions and infusions, then the holes turned to ulcers. Somewhere in the middle of all this I developed bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori... this nasty little sucker is what causes ulcers and is pre-cancerous... I suffered from extreme fatigue and really just wanted to give up... I almost did, but, in the back of my mind I had this little voice telling me that I hadn’t tried everything! I had been on Ultra Lite many years ago (pre-colon removal) with staggering results; it seems to have been the only thing that had worked at that time... the biggest problem with going on a so called diet was; having no colon means it’s hard to get the nutrients required, so for most of the time, I was always fatigued. Twice a year, I’d have an Iron infusion just to keep my head above water to function. When I got home from work every night, before I could do the usual house chores of cooking etc, I’d have a nap... so, not being one to give up so easily, I made a pact with myself. I was going to get on this road to wellness, even if it killed me in the process! I had a very intense program of medication that had to be completed to get rid of the Helicobacter and I required approval from a specialist, but I was going to give Ultra Lite a real concerted effort, I was going to give it everything I had. If this didn’t work..... well it wasn’t through a lack of trying. I rang Olga and started the program. After the first 3 days of struggling, I noticed that my naps weren’t needed as much. The sachets I’d have throughout the day gave me enough nutrients to get through. Once a week Olga and I would have a telephone ‘chat’, Olga’s expertise on nutrition, knowledge and support has been invaluable! I know myself well enough to say, ok, I’m not answerable to anyone and could easily fall off the wagon, so Olga was a very important part of the plan.. one of the most important parts. Ultra Lite has enabled me to achieve my goal, in a very short amount of time, were only talking 10 weeks – my goal, which is to be well, look well and more importantly, feel well. The road to wellness still has its challenges, I struggle with having to take steroid medication on occasion, which can make me gain weight, but the light at the end of the tunnel is bright. Today, I’ve dropped a dress size, feel very sexy in jeans that I thought were just decoration in my wardrobe and have just achieved doing a half marathon. 6 months ago, there would have been no hope of ever, ever thinking that I would be contemplating this milestone. After having an illness for so many years and the obstacles that get in the way due to being ill, and there are many, would never allow me the luxury of even thinking that I would ever be well, little lone fit enough to do a ½ marathon. There is life after a prolonged illness. It just takes the right program, the right support, a little hard work but most importantly, belief in yourself....
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