Leading the way in the Australian weight loss industry since 2000

Ultra Lite has been leading the way in Australian weight loss industry for over 18 years. Our program was one of the first to promote a healthy, moderate protein, low-carb diet while simultaneously proving that the widely followed diet of the time, the ‘low-fat’ diet, was a key contributor to the rise in obesity throughout Australia in the 90’s and early 00’s.

As seen above, numerous dietitians discussed and condoned the idea of Ketosis weight loss on ‘A Current Affair’ in 2000. However, almost 20 years on, Ultra Lites continues to prove these claims wrong with numerous successful clients who have changed their lives through our scientifically proven program. Today, we continue to advance program by supporting and educating businesses to help their clients reach their weight loss goals and lead happier and healthier lifestyles.

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Ultra Lite Information Video

Ultra Lite program is a fat loss, not weight loss program. It differs from most calorie counted programs because it maintains adequate protein in the diet to ensure muscle mass is preserved. Protein in the diet, when combined with exercise is essential to maintain muscle mass while safe and effective fat loss can occur. This…

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Ultra Lite Weight Loss And Living Life Now Segment

Further valuable information regarding the secrets behind the Ultra Lite Weight Loss program. Not only does Ultra Lite address weight loss but they have specialised detox programs and lifetime maintenance programs to allow you to manage your weight for the rest of your life. Lose weight and regain your health , life and YOUR SELF…

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Ultra Lite All About Food Segment

View this video which outlines some of the advantages of the Ultra Lite Weight and Heath Management Program. Ultra Lite is more than a weight loss program or a weight loss diet. The Ultra Lite program promotes healthy living and is designed to fit into your lifestyle. From weight loss programs to 3 week detox…

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